E7 Systems team’s experience with all major mobile app development tools. We know the strong points and limitations of various mobile platforms. We are experts in delivering engaging user experiences with minimal obstacles to adoption.

Conditions differ greatly between the programming lab and the real world. We design our apps to work for the user who is on the run, holding a baby in the other hand, under great stress and even when they’ve got no signal.

We design our apps to be remarkable so that you benefit from natural word-of-mouth marketing. Many of our app development customers (not all) are startup companies with extremely limited budgets.

As developers of our own proprietary apps, we respect the cost of a new software development project. We consult with our startup clients on the development of minimum viable products (MVPs) that will prove both technical feasibility and market acceptance of their ideas.

Our goal is to keep each mobile app development project to its minimum size to deliver the intended business value. This enables us to develop more apps and create more happy customers, which enable us to develop even more remarkable apps.