AWS Cloud Architecture & Operations

AWS Cloud Architecture, DevOps Experience

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers unmatched scalability, reliability and security for startups and big business alike. We host all our mission critical client systems on AWS.

E7 Systems has developed and operated a number of high performance, high availability systems utilizing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. E7 Systems has managed tens of millions of transactions annually worth over 10 billion dollars. Every year we have achieved PCI Level 1 certification running on AWS. Cloudwatch and E7 proprietary tools make it easy for us to provide 7x24x365 support for any AWS hosted system.


AWS High Availability Architecture

EC2 with Elastic Load Balancing

Route 53 DNS

RDS (Relational Database Service) Replication

Functional Redundancy – Separate servers for non critical functions

Zone Redundancy – Load Balancing

Disaster Recovery hot backup via replication across AWS regions

Disaster Recovery plans and procedures

Professional level Incident response tools and procedures

Operating System Level early detection and notification systems, using AWS Cloud Watch

System Application Level early detection and notification systems, using proprietary software.

Automated release procedures within TeamCity, Slack, GitHub & Jira

Continuous Integration with Jenkins


AWS Cloud Security and PCI

Multifactor Authentication by DUO

Bastion server for admin ingress

AWS Security Groups

Development Machine Instances hosted in AWS EC2 machines to control PCI scope

Integrated 3rd party security tools for asset discovery, vulnerability management, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring, SIEM, log management, and continuous threat intelligence


Complete and custom integration of AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) for AWS

Professional level Attack response and prevention

Tools for prevention of DDOS, Brute force, and Tier-1, 2 & 3 level attacks

AWS Network Access Control Lists (ACL)

Client IP collection and whitelisting

Penetration Test Compliance

PAN Data Scanning (exhaustive search for card numbers) and Compliance

External and Internal Firewall configuration and management.

Encryption and certificate configuration and management across load balancers.

Secure Integration with Third-Party Service providers like First Data

Network Segmentation to isolate instances and services in and out of PCI scope

Integration and security of connected hardware components like ATMs, PoS terminals, card readers, ATM machines and scanners.


PCI Training procedures and certifications

Vulnerability Management programs

Access Control Systems

Monitoring and Test procedures

Risk Mitigation

Network and Infrastructure monitoring and audits

Log management and security

Data retention and disposal

PAN masking and encryption

Secure development environments and management

Strong cryptography and security protocols

Vulnerability assessment and management

Documentation Best Practice and Procedures

Strong policy development practices for internal and external software applications (including web-based administrative access to applications) securely including code review, secure repository and deployment standards

Background checks on all team members


7 x 24 x 365 Monitoring & Control

When your system needs 100% uptime, redundancy and cloudwatch are not enough. You need application level tools that will watch the application behavior and report any exceptions immediately to qualified engineers who can quickly assess and act on any situation.