Social Networking Suite
Is Social Suite for you?

You have a community of people who are passionate about the same topic. You have a web site or mobile app that you want to create a community (tribe) of engaged users and customers. You want to grow your community. You are looking for a platform to organize and monetize the activities of you on-line community.

How will Social Suite help?

The Social networking suite is a comprehensive collection of social functions which can be integrated with any mobile app or web property. You can quickly enable your online community to connect and collaborate in your space.

Unlike with facebook or linkedin groups, YOU OWN THE CONTENT AND CONNECTIONS. You bend the power of social networking to your will, you can present or sell exposure on the traffic you create, not facebook.

If you are releasing a new app, you have to “rise above the noise” and give people a reason to come back and use your app again and again. The number one reason people come on line is to share with other people. People’s friends become your viral strategy. People’s friends become your 24x7x365 sales force, for free/

How do we get started?

Contact E7 Systems for a project review. We will give you a complimentary requirements assessment. Our team will then generate a top level implementation plan which puts your project on the fast track to release.

Using the E7 Systems Social Networking Suite, our team can get your startup on a fully functional Social Networking platform in just a few weeks.


Post Once Read Everywhere

Who has the time for social marketing? You do!  And so do your customers.  E7 Social Networking Suite provides write once post everywhere functionality. Bring all of your social platforms under a single roof.  Write a post or upload a photo or video to E7’s social platform and distribute it on every one of your social platforms; Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Panda, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest Instagram.  Our 13 social tools make it easy to be be everywhere all the time.

Connect to an audience of thousands like you talk with your best friends.  Keep in touch with videos, events, expert solutions, recommendations and more.


Social Tools Proven in the World of Business

The E7 Systems Social Networking Suite has been deployed half dozen times for clients and in-house projects. The feature set is robust and well tested. It is ready to deploy to increase the social connectivity and intrinsic community value of your project.


Social Networking, Community & Marketing Features

Built to bring people and businesses together, the sites built with our social networking toolkit use membership, advertising & transactions to deliver strong business models.  Click the major categories at right to see the social features in your areas of interest.


Rich Business Profile Display

Descriptions, Photos, Video

Certifications, Badges and Logos

Customer Comments & Reviews

Maps & Directions


Business Category Hierarchy for Search and Browse


Time, place, etc.


What’ happening locally and regionally

Interest based event recommendations

Who’s Going

Trending Events

Favorites & Likes

Like other users & Businesses

Like Specific Content

Share with Social Networks

Boost Content & Members


Activities related to user or friends

Personally Recommended Content

Trending Site Wide

Embedded Content - Site Badges

Social Network Content Formatted and Served for Display Within Other Sites

Calendars for off-site display

Latest Posts…Mini-Profiles…

Utility badges – weather, reports, event calendars

Member Chat

Group Chats

Moderator Led Chats

On Demand Chat Room Creation & Deletion

Administrator Functions

Controlled Access to Manage System Data

Product & Accounts Management

Content Approval and Abuse Report Processing

Business Function Management

Delegation & Workflow Accountability

Ad Management

Content Management

Ad Runs

Ad Campaign management

Ad Inventory Management

Analytics for impressions and click-throughs


Page Traffic

User InteractionsGraphic Histories

Social API

Integrated and Independent Programmer Access to Social Data and Functions

API structures

API versioning

JSON and XML – CRUD response

Customized data sets

Email Marketing

Broadcast E-Marketing Emails

Events Based Emails (registration, ordering etc)

Sequential (drip) Email Campaigns

Marketing Mentor Emails

Watch Dog Emails – Inactivity Notices

User Managed Email Preferences

iContact & other Integrations

Content & Document Management

Static DocumentsPage and Content ManagementCustom WYSIWYG integration- image/video uploads, advanced modulesUser ContentFeatured content

Contest Management

Contest DefinitionViral MarketingMonitoringWinner Selection & Delivery

Context Sensitive Help

Field LevelPage Level


Database table and field generator

MVC scaffold generator with CRUD templates

Rake based MVC scaffold generator

Unit Test generator


Interest based groups

Discussion forums

Events by group

Group focused searches

Group relationship management

Group member communication and management

Google Maps Integration

GeoLocation services

Places integration

Advanced Map

Enriched popups, routing, custom user integration

Search Results Mapping

Images & Videos

Albums Sorted & Filtered by any criteria

Conversion from many sources to standardized sizes and formats

Incorporate content hosted off-site, i.e. Youtube


Multi language support

Multi time-zone support

Data Migration

Data migration tools and interfaces

Multi-database support and integration

Data Completion and Improvement Services

Mobile Social Funtions

Image Uploads

GIS Data

Mobile Platform Optimization

Device recognition

Web skin templating

Jquery Mobile & Bootstrap Integration

Open Architecture








Social Member Tools

Secure registration and login

Rich Profile Creation – text photos, media and other file formats

Profile Mentors

Interest Driven Recommendations

Password Reset

Edit and management

Keyword and Interest based searche

sRole based menus and features

User dashboardFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube integration.

Questions & Answers

Tap the Knowledge and Wisdom of the Crowd

Question Boards

Community Answers

Discussion/ Interest Groups

Best Answer

Topic Management & Closing


Community rated reviews

User and business credibility management

Anonymous and hidden review management

Review based searches and structures


Admin & Standard Users

Controlled Access to Systems Features

System Wide or Granted for Specific Regions or Businesses.

Advanced Search & Content Indexing

Rapid Indexing Platform

Heterogenenous Search Results

Auto-Completion and search suggestion tools

Cross-domain search capabilities

Shopping Cart

Advanced Product Selection & Description & Help Paradigms

Session and database based cart tools CIM integratione integration

Sell, Products, Subscriptions & Advertising

Customer tracking

Customized Discount Codes

Orders & Transaction management

Affiliate Sales Reporting

Commissions Reporting

Services Fulfillment

Integrated to Workflow Management

Social Network Integration

Facebook Log-in and Sharing

Facebook Pages Integration

Facebook Places




Integrated Social network – friends, likes, ratings, connections, hotness algorithm, interest matching


Recurring Billing & Transactions

Control Access to Premium Features and Content

Discount Codes

Membership Levels

Member Groups


Discussions – Threaded Topics

Public / Private or Invitation Only

Group Events

Automated Customer Technical Support

Ticket and Feedback Integration

Ticket management tools

Feedback and suggestion management tools

Ticket Tracker Tools

Mobile Support App


Custom Folders

Video File Formatting & Conversion

HTML5 multi-browser support

Mobile compatibility


Assets Minifier

Cache Management

HTML Caching