Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a specialty of E7 Systems, including both native iOS and native Android mobile apps. We have developed mobile apps with cross-platform tools such as Ionic, Appcelerator and Phone Gap.

Hyperlocal Marketing Apps

Capture local customers on the path to purchase. Create loyalty.

Loyalty Apps

Your on-line customer community making more frequent and more rewarding visits.

Streaming Apps

Media on the phone, stand alone or as a component to a larger app.

Casino Game Apps

Excitement and rewards without the expense. Check out our Multiplayer Craps app.

Point of Sale Apps

Take the sale to your customer safely and securely. The fun never stops.

Engineering Apps

Push routine engineering out to the project site. Securely manage your engineering IP.

GIS Apps

Import your database of LatLon objects and create a rich and rewarding exprience.

Customer Service Apps

Help Desk ticket management with enhanced issue capture and notifications.

Weather Apps

Long-range weather prediction saves money and time for weather impacted business.

Never before in the history of computing has there been such an enormous demand for the creation of new software. For the first time virtually everyone has a computer within reach 24 hours a day seven days a week. Most all of those people love their computers, only they call them “smart phones”.

Mobile tech has created a technology and business revolution that is far from over. There are now 2.2 million android apps in Google Play and over 2 million iOS apps in the Apple store. It takes more than coding skills to create an app that stands out, captures and engages users.

When choosing an app development partner be sure to select a team with experience in technology adoption and community building. When seeking a mobile application developer, choose a developer who will utilize the tools and platform that best suit your business requirements.

Some developers will use just the tools they know best. A professional team can use all of the following:

  • iOS native – apps that require specific high-performance solutions that incorporate the unique benefits of Apple’s high-end audio and video hardware.
  • Android native – apps that require high-performance, direct hardware access for other features not available on iOS.
  • Apps that will never pass Apple’s selection criteria.
  • Apps that you are rapidly developing and releasing new versions of.
  • Ionic and other cross-platform tools – apps that perform basic functions not tied to India secrecy’s of hardware or operating systems.
  • Apps that also need to be deployed free of the web or desktop.
  • Responsive web apps – can look exactly like a mobile app but are developed for and presented by a web server.
  • Apps that do not need specific access to mobile device sensors such as the accelerometer.
  • Responsive web apps can now do almost anything that native apps can do. They are, however, less expensive and much faster to develop.
  • Exclusively iOS or Android – in very rare cases we develop for only one or the other mobile platform.
  • Apps that have a restricted user community.
  • Apps that require custom hardware integration.
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