Engineering and Product Configurators

Our Engineering and Product Configurators have helped E7 Clients to improve their responsiveness while freeing up the time of their pre-sales engineers.

Many engineering firms have sophisticated excel spreadsheets that are sent to sales reps and customers. These spreadsheets allow the customer to enter a few project parameters and get a partial or complete product recommendation with some idea of cost.

E7 Systems is often called in to help with these configurations. We translate the information from the company spreadsheets into a responsive web app. On mobile phones our app looks and works like a native mobile app. On the web we deliver a fuller “at-a-glance” view of the configurator with back office features as required by the staff.

Features of the configurator app:

  • Always up to date with the most recent formulas and business rules
  • Always up to date with the latest prices
  • Customers and staff collaborate in real time on 1 copy of the project description
  • Advanced logic and help available for out of limit configurations
  • Extensive product options can be selected and visualized
  • Easy transfer of configurations to orders.

Rather than time consuming manual configurations processes, offer your customers pricing and design specifications in real-time. What used to take days or weeks to draw and calculate is now instant.


  • Instant Satisfaction for Customers
  • Save time for Pre-Sales Engineers
  • Reduce Order and Shipping Errors
  • Make More Sales
  • Present Upscale Options Via Configurator

E7 maintains libraries of code for contact and project management. This code will give us a stable platform to rapidly deliver your product-specific configurator.

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