Engineering and Product Configurators

Are you looking for a powerful yet user-friendly product configuration software to streamline your sales process? Our custom product configurator tools offer a seamless drag-and-drop experience, allowing your customers to visualize their tailored product before making a purchase decision.

Industries We Serve:

  • Commercial Solar Installations
  • Consumer Product Design
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Tooling

Key Features:

Interactive Product Visualization

Our state-of-the-art configurators bring products to life with interactive modeling and real time quote delivery. Watch your offering take shape in real-time as customers customize every aspect.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Access our web-based configurator solution from any device – desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. We also develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Seamless Integration

Integrate your configurator with existing systems like ARC-GIS, ERP, CRM, CAD/CAM, visualization engines, and more for a unified sales experience.

Robust Customization Options

Quick selections for colors, materials, screen printing, size and accessories, give your customers unlimited options to design their dream product.

Real-Time Pricing

As options are selected, pricing updates dynamically, ensuring transparency throughout the configuration journey.

Rapid Deployment

The E7 code base combined with our agile development process ensures your custom configurator goes live within weeks, not months.

Proven Results

Satisfied customers of our interactive product configurators are ready to provide references are available upon request.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

An engaging configuration experience delights customers, improving satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Accelerated Sales Cycles

The “wow factor” of product visualization accelerates buying decisions and boosts conversions.

Faster ROI

Many clients recoup their investment within just 20 months thanks to more efficient sales processes.

Are you ready to revolutionize your product sales with an immersive custom configurator experience? Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how our solution can give you a competitive edge.

Features of the configurator app:

  • Always up to date with the most recent formulas and business rules
  • Always up to date with the latest prices
  • Customers and staff collaborate in real time on 1 copy of the project description
  • Advanced logic and help available for out of limit configurations
  • Extensive product options can be selected and visualized
  • Easy transfer of configurations to orders.

Our Engineering and Product Configurators have helped E7 Clients to improve their responsiveness while freeing up the time of their pre-sales engineers.

Many engineering firms have sophisticated excel spreadsheets that are sent to sales reps and customers. These spreadsheets allow the customer to enter a few project parameters and get a partial or complete product recommendation with some idea of cost.

E7 Systems is often called in to help with these configurations. We translate the information from the company spreadsheets into a responsive web app. On mobile phones our app looks and works like a native mobile app. On the web we deliver a fuller “at-a-glance” view of the configurator with back office features as required by the staff.

Rather than time consuming manual configurations processes, offer your customers pricing and design specifications in real-time. What used to take days or weeks to draw and calculate is now instant.


  • Instant Satisfaction for Customers
  • Save time for Pre-Sales Engineers
  • Reduce Order and Shipping Errors
  • Make More Sales
  • Present Upscale Options Via Configurator

E7 maintains libraries of code for contact and project management. This code will give us a stable platform to rapidly deliver your product-specific configurator.

Solar Hardware Configurator

Bids and BOMs Instantly

Building Plans for Permitting

Responsive Mobile Web App