Web App Local Hardware Gateway

How to Access Local Hardware From Browser Apps

Browser-based web applications are relatively cheap to develop and fast to deploy. However, these applications suffer from one major limitation. For security reasons, web apps cannot access the peripherals attached to your PC.

The E7 Systems Local Hardware Gateway enables web applications developed in PHP, Ruby on Rails, .NET, JavaScript and other browser-based technologies to access the hardware connected to your PC.

Instead of writing a desktop application to access local hardware, this server can be used to access the same resources from a much cheaper, friendlier, easier to maintain web application.

Bring any peripheral into your web app

Hardware Gateway Features

The E7 Systems local hardware Gateway will enable your web application to access:

  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Fingerprint readers
  • ID scanning devices
  • Point-of-sale devices
  • Internet of Things – Arduino controlled devices

The design benefits of the local hardware gateway:

  • Runs in windows as a service – transparent to user
  • Supports auto-updating
  • Web Sockets or HTTP service
  • Compatible with .Net, PHP, Rails, JavaScript, Flash

Anything you connect to your PC can be accessed and managed from the E7 Systems Local Hardware Gateway.

Auto Update Manager

With your browser app you enjoy the freedom to deliver updates at will to some or all of your users. This requirement will extend to the local hardware gateway.

Adding support for new peripherals such as scanners, card swipes, EMV teminals, and even printers, will be easy.

Since the Local Hardware Gateway Service is installed on your PC we developed a facility for auto-updating that software. In a managed network environment, we need to be able to control updates and run specific clients with unique versions.

E7 will integrate the Local Hardware Gateway version manager into your network management software.