Solar Carport Hardware ConfiguratorMission: Automate configuration and pricing of solar carport installations. Integrate with ArcGIS tools to provide a drag and drop UI for specifying carport projects. Generate bids, BoMs and technical specification diagrams ready for submission to building departments.

Cost: $$

Technologies: ArcGIS, Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Rails, React, JavaScript, AJAX

Work Completed:

Converted logic and engineering formulae from customer spreadsheets. Integrated new React UI with Arc GIS API. Integrated with existing tools to manage users and their projects. Delivered system for collection of project environment info such as max wind speed, snow load, etc. Integrated with database of Solar modules, BoM hardware and pricing. Engineered solar installations for Solar Carport installation projects. Delivered instant parts lists, quotes and engineering diagrams.


Empowered sales engineers, channel partners and installers to confidently design and over 30,000 solar installation projects without ever visiting the construction site. Delivered a convenient easy to use tool to configure projects, streamlining the sales process and helping partners to close more deals.

Custom project diagrams built directly on satellite images allow sales engineers to design and bid systems without a site visit.

Itemized parts list with aggregated prices for complete project bids.

Solar Hardware Configurator Product Database with images and product description provide project reference for unpacking and staging materials on site after project begins.