Create an on-line home for thousands of articles and an active support community. Enable revenue growth and create platforms for new products.

Cost: $$$

Technologies: DVD, Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL

Work Completed:

Created social network and supporting facilities

  • Web store
  • Chat rooms
  • Content Management System
  • Landing pages and squeeze pages for information product sales

Created new information products based on build to order DVD delivery. Built Internet Marketing campaigns including web copy writing, sequential email campaigns, SEO and PPC


Our idea to add digital signage was implemented very inexpensively. It gave this startup client a major boost to the value proposition they presented to customers, advertisers and their investor community. Our ideas for interactive features contributed to the award of a wide sweeping patent for Systems and methods for providing venue-oriented services

Daily inspirations are one of the many community building mechanics in Innerbonding.com.

Landing Page creation is a science. Many elements comer together to deliver a page which is optimized at converting strangers into customers.

E7 Develops information products distilling expert knowledge into a physical product which can be manufactured and delivered at less than $3/unit.