Cost $$$$

Calendar Time: 3 Months – 3 years.

Technologies: Android Java, iOS Objective C. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, DotNet C++, Barix InStreamer, specialty WiFi hardware


  • Native audio streaming app (iOS, Android)
  • Private Ad Network
  • E7 Systems Social Networking Suite
  • Web Business Directory for Venues
  • Advertiser’s Portal for purchasing and analytics
  • Integrated digital signage network
  • Producing Trade Show Experiences
  • Video, graphic and animated content for signage network and general marketing

Outcome: MVP delivered and deployed in 3 months. Multiple patents awarded. Capital raised. Deployed production system to bars and health clubs nationwide.

Bring them your ideas and dreams, and if any team can help you realize them, it is E-7 Systems.

Cordell Brown

CEO , Airborne Media Group

Created Web portal and business directory to bring all venues together and provide access for content management and network configuration. Mapping features showed closest venues to any point.

Illustration of Social Chat on the digital signage network

Example of custom skin created for a customer venue.

3D Animation created for digital signage network. (@ Web resolution)