Content Management Systems have made web site creation fast & easy. Now mobile apps are just as easy to create. To lower the costs of mobile app development, E7 created the mobile content management system (MCMS). Our clients can now complete development of their mobile app in a week by repurposing content or creating new. Their app gives the content new life and exposes their work to the app store audience. MCMS apps can be free or paid, and include any unique functions that you desire.

Business Goal:

We created a content management system app so that the client could quickly add content and change content, at will, without needing to call their programming team. The client can now add virtually unlimited content into one low cost mobile app.

Simplicity of use has been an overriding goal, as owners and managers do not have the time to become computing experts.

Cost: $

Technologies: Ionic, Ruby, Javascript, Angular, MYSQL, Youtube API, notifications via Golang


Full featured Content Management System for Apps. Displays Q&A, events log & sequential information pages. Simple to use editors make new content fast & easy. Each page of the app contains similar elements arranged to the purpose of the page:

  • Short Introductory Text
  • Multiple Photo Slideshow
  • Embedded Video
  • Full Page Text
  • More Information Link to Web URL

Clients can send app notification to all app owners, alerting them to vital events in the community & app domain.


  • iOS and Android content & community building app
  • Admin dashboard & content management system


This app is soon to be in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The app content management system is available to build new apps at lightning speed.

Content Management App Builder

The user friendly Content Management App Builder allows anyone with basic web skills to create their own app. Making new pages, uploading photos and embedding you tube videos are as easy as ordering on Amazon.

You can easily send app notifications to all your users.

Each Page in this app can have any or all of these elements:

The CMS admin dashboard gives a clear overview of all app pages.

Adding a new page is as simple as sending an email.

Images, video, & web links are automatically formatted, and the app ensures consistent presentation of all content managed by the app.

This paid app also helps the client build their on-line community.

Interactive Questions and Answers allows app customers to ask any question of the app owner. The owner can choose the best questions to answer, automatically curating the Q&A section of the app. Automated messages are sent to the asker upon answering.

Connecting this app to a Youtube live video feed was a big requirement. With some query and formatting tricks we made the Youtube live stream looks like just another part of the app.