Point Of Sale ATM Network

EMV Point of Sale

Business Goal:

With zero assistance from original developer, reverse engineered and re-created high volume cash advance system. Architected redundant cloud services on Amazon Web Services. Restored vital configuration data and transaction history. Brought system to life with immediate reduction in down time.

Cost: $$$$

Calendar Time: 10 Months

For security and client confidentiality we have not named the client company or their customer industry.


Amazon Web Services EC2, RDS, Flash Action Script, Glassfish Application Server, Java, Net beans, MySQL, .Net, C++


Rebuilt ATM software, workstation software, secure and redundant server environment in AWS cloud.  Reconstructed database with transaction history and configuration data from original system.

System Components Recreated:

  • Flash Action Script based POS client
  • Glassfish Application Server – Migrated to Payara
  • ATM software on Glory Kiosk
  • Cryptera PIN Pad interfaces
  • MySQL Database
  • Interface to Certegy check cashing service
  • TCMP Interface to Worldpay for credit transactions
  • Triton Interface to Worldpay for ATM transactions

Point of Sale Innovations

  • Mobile Cash Advance client
  • Drivers License Scanning
  • Glory – SK500 kiosk (industry first)
  • First Data ACH (industry first)
  • ACH check processing at ATM (Certegy first)

100% Availability Improvements

  • Load balanced Server Architecture
  • Separation of non-critical functions
  • Read only-database replicas
  • Disaster Recovery Environment



System migrated to new secure server environment within 10 months. Prevented any downtime of system due to transition.  System downtime continuously reduced until completely eliminated.  Client now has complete control of all software, data and operations. E7 is presently upgrading individual system components and developing new cutting-edge features for this client.

Achieved PCI Level 1 Certification on first pass.

All POS peripherals are controlled via our local web service that the POS client accesses via calls to a localhost web socket.


Every transaction stores a time stamped image of the customer’s driver’s licence for fraud prevention.  Just one of many security innovations. 


System Health Monitors notify E7 staff by text message whenever the system needs attention 7x24x365.  Dashboards show health and transaction flow system-wide and merchant by merchant.


First in industry to demo mobile cash advance processing.