Mobile Fleet Management App

Title: My Fleet – Mobile Fleet Management App

Mission: Make the data in the enterprise fleet management app available to mechanics and supervisors when they are in the lot or the shop.


Cost $

Calendar Time: 1 Month

Technologies: Ionic, Ruby, MySQL


  • Multiplatform Mobile App
  • Web Based Import of Excel File Containing Enterprise Data
  • Enterprise Distribution for iOS

Development Work: Created a utility for easy daily import of Fleet management data. Created restful web service for mobile authentication and data access.  Created a simple mobile app the enabled mechanics and fleet managers to quickly access the status of any truck or rolling stock.

Outcome:  Reduced maintenance and downtime costs by proactively ensuring that equipment got the service it needed.  Saved fleet managers from frequently having to return to their office while inspecting trucks in the lot.

How It Works:

  1. Login
  2. Scan truck VIN
  3. View truck status and maintenance history.