E-Commerce Inventory Control System

ECommerce Development Toolkit

Business Goal

Leading Internet retailer of electronics parts is growing rapidly and needs and inventory control system that can be modified to support their specific business processes. Razor thin margins dictate extreme efficiency in all areas of operations. Transition from InFlow inventory management system product software without disrupting e-commerce operations.  


Cost: $$

Calendar Time: 4 Months


Amazon Web Services EC2, Ruby on Rails, MySQL

High-performance inventory management system operating in the cloud


System delivered on budget in 4 months.  Client is now more competitive in electronics market. Client has asked for multiple follow on projects. Client is expanding into new markets and considering offering e-commerce logistics services.


Tayda Electronics web store carries thousands of low cost electronics parts.  Efficiency is an essential survival advantage.


Tayda Electronics, located in Bangkok Thailand, can choose from a world of programmers, and chooses to work with E7 Sysstems. Of this fact, we are very proud.