Diet Coaching App

Business Goal:

Enable a busy dietitian to serve more clients by automating her routine tasks.  Open up her schedule so she can spend more time on the deeper more meaningful work of a registered dietitian.

Unlike other dieting and fitness apps, we endeavored to create an app with a focus on managing a group of clients.  Reporting and messaging features save time, keeping the coach and client in touch on matters of program success.  By automating the role of monitoring client meals, the coach can now focus on discussions of goals.  With the time freed by the coaching app, the client can serve more clients and increase her income 50%.



Cost: $


Ionic, Ruby, Javascript, Angular, MYSQL



Daily Planner and Meal Builder functions allow clients to diary their performance within the dietary program.

Automated and personal messages affirm accomplishments and guide clients who may be struggling.  Direct chat between coach and client free up inboxes and her personal messaging apps.

Daily assessments pages link dietary program success with energy & satisfaction

Clients can graph how their aesthetics have improved over their time in the program.

Leaderboards call out the clients who are most successful and most improved in the program.



  • iOS Coaches and Client app
  • Admin dashboard for managing clients


Client is using the app with everyday clients. Clients are logging meals and tracking program success with the way they feel.   

Our intention is to partner with the client in marketing the app to other Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.

Diet Coaching App Demo

Please enjoy the first of 8 videos demonstrating the Diet Coaching App. 

For access to the rest of the videos please contact us.

Built specifically for dietitians who need to manage and motivate clients and grow their practice and income.

Clients get instant affirmation as they log their meals.

Clients track program success vs having more energy and feeling better.

Graphs help clients keep track of their progress on their personal diet goals.