5 Ways to Crush the Cost of App Development

App Development Costs

Have you got an idea for a mobile app, but you think it’s just too expensive? Your next mobile app might be cheaper to do than you think. It might just even be free. Read on dear friend, for I will reveal 5 of E7 Systems’ most closely held secrets of affordable app development.

Reusable Software

After a decade of app development, we have automated all the core functions found in most apps. For your project, we can piece these functions together and add your unique ideas to our base.  Our reusable codebase includes: admin dashboard, user management, notifications, blogging, user messaging, bar codes, RFID, geo-fencing & more.

App Content Manager

Does your app idea contain a lot of content, articles, video?  Check out E7’s  content management system for mobile apps.  Our customers can now define their own content without programming. Adding and updating content in your app is as easy as filling in a web form.  There’s no need to pay a programmer to do what you can do for yourself, unless you want to.

Shared Hosting

Configuring and maintaining a separate host for each and every application takes time.  For a simple app with no special hosting requirements, we add the app content to our shared app server and in no time the new app is ready to go.

Client Partnerships

Have you got an idea for an app that’s worth investing in?  Then contact us.  We have recently worked on 2 great apps where we partnered with the app owner to share revenues.  In my next post, I will introduce the perfect partner app, a 30 Day Weather forecast.

App Leasing

Your app will give you many years of value. Why pay for app development all up front?  E7 Systems can work out an app lease, where you pay for your app over time.  We can work out a plan where the monthly payments are in balance with the income or savings that the app brings to your business.

Mobile App Cost Calculator

If you want to see what your app might cost, come visit the App Cost Calculator at E7Systems.com.