Lean Business Canvas Introduction


Lean Business Canvas Introduction is the presentation I gave tonight to the Entrepreneurs’ Class at Fort Lewis College.

I love this topic as it makes perfect sense to me.  The presentation is just 10 slides, humorous and fun.

After comparing business model design (using the canvas) to traditional business planning, we collectively designed a business model to disrupt the Ice Cream Truck industry.  The presentation finishes up with an overview of minimum viable products.  Further resources are also provided.

I have attached  PowerPoint slides for the Lean Business Canvas Introduction.

They want me to teach a class in lean business development next semester.  If we can get enough students, I will do 4 sessions with hands-on practicum and homework.

  1. Lean Business Canvas
  2. Experiments to De-Risk your model
  3. Metrics & Finances (with guest speaker)
  4. Pitching

(NOTE: The Lean Business Startups class did run and slides are posted here.)