Software Project Rescue

Software Project Rescue

It’s unfortunate that not every software project gets delivered on time and fully functional; however, E7 Systems is here to help! Frequently, E7 Systems is called in to help when projects falter, stall or flame out dramatically.

Common causes of incomplete projects

Some projects go wrong because of bad developers, some for unrealistic expectations.  Frequently, external systems do not perform as specified. Sometimes the users are irrational or unmotivated to use the system properly.  However, don’t you worry all of these challenges have solutions, but they are rarely planned for at the beginning of the project.

Common Issues Customers Have

Customers are usually fatigued because their budgets are depleted, and almost always, their deadlines are upon them. Rescue customers are looking for developers who can:

  • Quickly assess the state of the failed software project
  • Plan a shortest path solution to business readiness
  • Communicate clearly and honestly with client on costs and time frames
  • Stay with them until the business solution is delivered

Projects Rescued by E7Systems

E7systems has had the honor of helping businesses from a broad variety of different industries. Here are a few of the many projects:


  • Social Network
  • eLearning
  • Point of Sale
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Loyalty Apps
  • Child Safety Network
  • eCommerce

Project Rescue Services

Understand business goals

  • We have a magnificent team with multiple years of experience working with businesses both small and large, so we understand how to make businesses thrive.

Catalog and evaluate viability of assets

  • We will sit down with you and evaluate where we can help you out the most which our services.

Triage Goals and assets to salvage value

  • Creating the best software solution for reaching your business goals while still staying within your budget.

Interim CTO – Consult on new directions

  • With all of our business experience we can help you brainstorm new ideas we can integrate into your business which will generate more income for your business.

Architect new system

  • Depending on your needs and the needs of your customers, we can architect a new system from scratch.

Deliver project plan:

  • We will deliver a precise and fast project plan; we know how important it is for you to release your product.

Complete development:

  • Our team of engineers will always deliver quality product.

Incorporate quality assurance:

  • We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work, or we’ll work day and night to make it right.

Incorporate security:

  • All of our products come with the latest and greatest in security because we care about your information.

Launch system:

  • E7 Systems will drive you all the way until we reach launching time.

Support operations:

Not only will we get you up and running with your new software, but we will also provide assistance in helping you learn the power and potential of the product we created for you.