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E7 – Lean Startup Review

Our Lean Startup service will help you to get started doing the right things. In a very short time we will identify the shortest path from your product concept to a market fit.

Process & Deliverables

The Lean Startup service is provided in 2 meetings and associated follow-up over a week’s time.

  • Visualize key business components
  • Understand customers’ needs
  • Understand customers appetite for change
  • Reduce risk
  • Embrace change to create winning products

Together we will create these deliverables

  • Lean Business Canvass
  • List of Primary Assumptions
  • Inexpensive Market Experiments
  • Description of your Minimum Viable Product


E7  – New Business Kickstart

E7 Systems has designed a service to help you create your business foundations and prepare for crowdfunding or initial seed financing.  Together we will identify your offering and help you build a package to satisfy early stage investors.

Process & Deliverables

In a month’s time we will get you moving towards a fundable venture:

  • Visualize Key Business Components
  • Tell Your Best Story
  • Start the Funding Process
  • Organize Supporting Materials
  • Recruit Resources to Ensure Success

Together we will create these deliverables:

  • Name, Logo and Identity
  • Web Site
  • 3 Minute Project Sales Video
  • Kickstarter.com Project Description
  • Kickstarter.com Rewards Definition
  • Spending Plan
  • Press Relations & Social Media Plan

Custom Software & Technology Development

E7 Systems has a team of software specialists with expertise in web, mobile & desktop applications programming.  We have developed applications for business process improvement, games, marketing, accounting, engineering, entertainment and ecommerce.

Our software team is supported with the best industry standard tools and a sophisticated proprietary social computing framework.  Our tools and process make us very fast in the development of social computing applications: web communities, intranets, and the like.

E7 Systems has optimized agile programming methodologies for teams that handle multiple simultaneous projects for disparate customers.  Our customers have real time access to their project and budget status through our proprietary web portal.

Startup Business Consulting

E7 Systems has helped over 30 startups build a strong foundation and get their products to market. We help with product concept development, business and launch planning.  Our startup clients succeed at three times the national average.

E7 Systems has been working with startup organizations for over 13 years, practicing lean principles since before the term was coined.  We believe strongly in:

  • Testing business assumptions to increase our clients’ chances of success
  • Applying agile methods to business and software development
  • Doing the hardest work first
  • Accelerating risk and responding to lessons learned while fixes are still affordable.

We are thrilled with the widespread adoption of Lean Business Development principals.  We invite you to learn more about lean business in our startups blog.


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