Venue Entertainment Server

Interactive Digital Signage and More

Venue Entertaiment Server is a Context Sensitive Interaction Digital Signage System.

Hospitality businesses rely on audio, video and television to help create a homelike atmosphere, extending time on property and increasing sales.

E7 Systems Venue Entertaiment Server brings together all the media assets and mobile devices on-site. Our Venue Entertainment Server captures the context of each moment, allowing venue owners to deliver timely, personalized content to customers.

The E7 Venue Entertainment Server delivers welcome and engaging media to all of the patrons within your hospitality venue. We will match your mobile app to the Venue Entertainment Server to engage your patrons individually and as a group.  

With the combined information of who’s in the room and what’s on the television, your digital assets can deliver the most valuable content to your audience at the perfect time.

Wherever People Come Together


Specials, Social, Welcome, App Promotion, Merchandise Sales. Venue Games, Augment Live TV, Integrate to Patron’s Phones


Programs, Music & Lyrics, Events Reminders, Community Messages, Volunteering & Giving Opportunities, Meditations, Maxims & Proverbs


Interactive Signage Integrated with Players Club Info, Promotions, Web and Social Feeds. Celebrate Loyalty, Status & Winning

Health Clubs

Progress, Leaderboards, Graphs, Tournament Ladders, Personal Messages, Open Machines/Rooms, Coaching Messages, Benefits Reminders


Welcome Regulars, Wait-lIsts, Specials, Sports Scores, Menu Information, Dish Backstories, Brandlift, News, Staff Profiles, Photo Gallery

Trade Shows

Grab Attention, Initiate Conversations, Visualize User Experience, Lift Brand, Demonstrate Savings, Show Products in Action, Promote Show Specials

Digital Signage Ties the Room Together

The opportunities are limited only by your imagination. The E7 Venue Entertainment Server integrates with:

  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

With E7’s Venue Entertainment Server you can feature:

  • Now playing displays
  • Virtual jukebox
  • Television scheduling
  • Television channel change requests and moderation
  • Curate ads and media to audience preferences

Social Feeds & Chat

Grab signage content from any major social forum or even your own app. Create Chat clouds, news feeds, calendars and more.

Advertise and Engage

Get sponsored content that is personal, timely and important to your audience.  Connect to people without intruding.

Savor the Good Times

Keep your vital messages in front of customers on the path to purchase. Connect with friends while they are having good times. 

Interactive Venue Games

Connect patrons with games.  In-venue multiplayer games foster cooperation and competition. Patrons experience mastery, belonging and loyalty.

DirecTV Info & Control

Schedule TV assets & programs in advance. Show what’s playing now and in the future. Automatically change channels when selected shows come on.

Social Jukebox

Connect to patrons by creating an audio environment for the crowd in real-time. Let patrons know which songs were matched to their personal playlists.