E7 Systems Products – Social Computing – Web & Mobile

E7 Engine – Social Network Development Platform

E7 Systems has developed a social networking framework supporting the rapid development of social networking applications for:
  • On-Line Communities
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Business Directories
  • Learning & Personal Growth
  • Social Enablement of Mobile Apps

Future Products

E7 Systems is constantly developing product concepts in house.  Of course the challenge is how to continue to satisfy our customers while moving our own products forward.  To this end we are seeking partners for business development, funding and operations of new business ventures in the areas of:
  • Enterprise Collaboration & Development
  • Entertainment
  • Safer Relationships
  • Fishing
  • Interactive Voice-Video Response
  • DIY Robotics - Electronics
Entrepreneurs, executives and business development specialists who are passionate about innovation in these business areas are urged to contact us to discuss how we can work together creating jobs and wealth in Durango and the world.


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