Startup Technologies


E7 Systems is a Venture Technology firm providing ideas, design, software and business consulting to innovators.

We earn consulting fees and sometimes equity from the businesses that we help build.

E7 Systems employs specialists, expert in the fields of:

  • Web & Mobile Software Development
  • Web Marketing
  • Social Networks & Learning Communities
  • New Technology Adoption
  • Lean Startup Business Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversion Science


E7 Systems provides entrepreneurs with a single source solution for many areas of start-up expertise. We specialize in filling out the teams of new ventures, accelerating their progress to market. We enable the founders to concentrate on their core capabilities, build their own teams and plan for sustained growth of their efforts.


At E7 Systems we live in the constant excitement of a new start-up. Every day we get to work with dreamers, helping shape their visions and delivering the technologies that they will use to change the world.

We have had the privilege of working with visionary clients in industries of finance, film making, marketing, wellness, entertainment, auctions and many others.

We have assembled a few simple project illustrations on our projects page, for more detailed descriptions of our work, you may appreciate the E7 Systems Project Summaries book, which features 10 different projects on individual project data sheets.

Project Summaries Book

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Working With Us

Entrepreneurs are all working on limited budgets. There are incredible demands on their resources. There is no time or money to waste.

E7 Systems employs lean and agile processes to minimize costs and risks of software development. From contract to delivery, we work in rapid iterations with deliverables planned every few weeks.

Our process ensures that even the busiest clients pause regularly to see progress.

Our process provides numerous interim releases to test product assumptions with real customers. Our philosophy and our contracts allow for clients to incorporate new requirements discoveries at a minimum cost and distraction.

Products for Social Computing

Social Networking Engine
E7 Systems product frameworks offer the fastest possible time to market for social computing applications.

  • Social Networks
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Contest Management

The frameworks are designed to make the design, configuration and release of certain applications very fast and affordable. They provide enhanced security over open source packages that are often targeted by hackers. These products can all be customized to add exactly the features you want and only the features you need. This decreases training time and customer adoption as no time is wasted lost in non-essential features.

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