Lean Products Development Workshop


I get lots of early startups that need consulting on product definition.  Most of them are not ready to hire a full time consultant.  So we have created a workshop to guide entrepreneurs through the lean development process.

Working with 4 teams at once creates valuable collaboration, momentum and idea sharing.

We gave this workshop as Lean Startups Class at FLC. It was a great success with awesome engagement and feedback from students..

We just need 2 more participating teams to run this.

Is the following announcement appropriate for Your Durango Tech?

For entrepreneurs building innovative products

Work with your peers designing products that will succeed in the marketplace.

Minimize your startup risks by learning to

  • Focus on a problem people will pay to solve
  • Maximize your product’s engagement, earnings and viral potential
  • Define a Minimum Viable Product for sale in the marketplace.

In 4 evenings we will work through the lean product development process.

4 teams will work side by side and give each other immediate feedback on their work.

This workshop dovetails perfectly with the work that you the entrepreneur should be doing as you define your product and your startup.

A simple formula for success

Together we will work to

  • Identify and prioritize the riskiest assumptions in your business model
  • Validate our assumptions with real customers in the marketplace
  • Modify our models, leveraging what we learn from customers


Meetings will be at E7 Systems 813 Main Ave (2nd Floor) from 6 to 8 PM

We will choose either Wednesday or Thursday nights as convenient to all.

The next workshop will begin the week of April 16th, 2014

This workshop is an excellent preparation for accelerators, startup weekends or early funding efforts

Cost is $189 per team.

Workshop Facilitator and lean process consultant, Bill Smith, is founder of E7 Systems. Bill has worked with dozens of startups, helping innovators create successful products. You can learn more about Bill and E7 Systems on their website E7 Systems.com.

Life is too short to build products that nobody wants

 For more information on the workshop, contact Bill at 970.759.2244.

More info and slides are available on How to Build a Bulletproof Startup