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Web in One Week Rapid Web Development

Web in One Week is an innovative development concept from E7Systems. The process is an intensive development schedule which uses its short time frame to generate the focus and energy to get the development job done.

Benefits of Web in One Week

  • Reduce your time invested in the web project
  • Get rapid results from your investment.
  • Deepen existing relationships
  • Communicate the value of your products and services
  • Expand your market to the world

One Week Web Development Examples

Adaptive Sports Association

Adaptive Sports Association - Example of the E7Systems Web in One Week development process. This site was an intensive development completed in 40 hours. Visit...

Gaited Tiger Horses Cloud Horses - A breeder of fine, exotic gaited Tiger Horses contracted with us to extend their marketing reach worldwide. This Web in one week development concentrated on securing search engine positioning and creating a disctinctive presence to build the credibility required to sell this premium product to a discerning market. Visit...
Telecom Consulting

Westech Data - Another Web In One Week example. This client started with no existing copy or logo. Time had to be shared with copy writing, and the resulting design is quite basic. However, the end result is entirely satisfactory for this telecom start-up. Visit...

How it Works

In this rapid development program we ask that you devote 1-2 hours each day providing your input to the developer and reviewing the design as your web site takes shape.

This program works with first time web initiatives and with web site makeovers. It can be adapted to work with sites that need custom software developed.

Businesses, which may not be suited for the One Week Web development, include those who do not yet have a developed business model, target market, or source material. E7Systems can also work with these companies in developing their business models and web marketing programs.

Rapid Web Development Schedule

Day Activity Results
Monday Site Survey
Project Profile
Competitive Analysis
Asset Inventory
Keyword List
Analysis of your business goals and your industry web environment. Target the right audience with effective messages on an attractive web site that generates traffic and new business

Feature List
Site Map
Message Design
1st Draft
Design Template

A closer look at the structure of your web site and the messages it will present for you.
Wednesday Image Capture
Prototype Page
Page Thumbnails
Message Design
Content design and generation.
Thursday Site Production
Upload to Web Host
Assembly of the finished product
Friday Testing
Search Engine Posting
Acceptance review and publishing to the world.


For the Web in One Week rapid web development process to work, the customer must have a few characteristics.

  • A client side project manager who has 1-4 hours per day to devote to gathering information about the client's organization. Later in the project this client contact will help with site testing and acceptance.
  • Limited application programming requirements. However, application programming can be planned for in the Web in One Week process and then completed as a follow on project.
  • Existing marketing materials greatly improve the finished web site. Sources may be brochures, business plans, product photography, etc.
  • The desire to be on the web in one week.

Web Technologies Generally Employed

  • Apache - Number one web server software. More...
  • PHP - Industry standard scripting language, especially suited for rapid Web development. More...
  • MySQL - Most popular (open source) database management software. Extremely fast! More...
  • Dreamweaver and Fireworks - widely used professional suite for rapid web development. More...