Start-up Clients of E7 Systems

A partial listing of start-up clients since 2000

Year Client Product Outcome
2012 Casino Venture Mobile Loyalty App & Player Training Games for Casinos In Development
2012 Creating New Product Lines in Web and Mobile Spaces In Development
2012 Portfolio Selection Tools for Low Volatility Investors New
2012 TeeBagzGolf Golf Gifts Web Store New
2010 Robert McKee Social Learning Community for Screenwriters Success
2010 Airborne Media Group
Audioair mobile app
Mobile App for Listening to Muted Televisions in Public Spaces.  Customer engagement products for bars & restaurants Very Successful
2009 Melita Weather Associates Highly Accurate Long Range Weather Forecast Success
2008 Highly Original Social Marketing Network, Widely Adopted by Local Businesses. Expanded to Multiple Regions Across 2 States. Automated Sales, Management and Customer Service Functions. Very Successful
2008 J-Lyn Enterprises Real Estate Marketing Supply Web Store Released Successfully
2007 AJ Karas Real Estate Auction Company. Web Marketing Tools Including Online Auction with Offline FollowUp and Closing Success
2007 Online Self Growth Community Success
2006 MatchMy Personality Matching for Realtors & Clients Software Released Successfully. Did not obtain market fit before running out of money.
2004 Amative Labs Web Store for Ladies Products Product did not sell well
2004 Ecommerce Company Worldwide Web Store for Film Fans. 6 Web Stores with Different Product Lines. Automated Business Functions Iincluding Service and Product Returns. Success
2004 K. W. Geary Builders Builder Creating Affordable Upscale High Density Housing Success
2003 Financial Planner Self Help Financial Organizer Software, Video Training Market did not respond to core product
2003 Child Safety Network with links to FBI offices nationwide. People afraid to post their children’s photos on the net in 2003
2002 Trimtations Recreational Food Service Bad year due to wildfires
2002 Ironwood Advisory Partner in Business Consulting Network. Created Innovative Revenue Sharing Model in use at E7 Systems Today. Success
2002 Web Store for Recreational Equipment Success
2002 Precursor to Constant Contact. Broadcast and Sequential Email Marketing System with Custom Events-Based Messages. Operating as
2001 Westech Data Marketing for Telecom Cost Auditing Service Success
2000 Syncrasy Highly Accurate Weather Model and analysis tools for commodities traders Success
2000 Financial Manager Self Learning, Risk Tolerant Portfolio Optimizer Success