E7 Engine – Social Development Platform

E7 Engine – Social Network Development Platform


E7 Systems has developed a social networking framework supporting the rapid development of social networking applications for:

  • On-Line Communities
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Business Directories
  • Learning & Personal Growth
  • Social Enablement of Mobile Apps

Social Network Development Platform

Our client companies benefit from the use of this framework through:

  • Accelerated Time to Market
  • Incredibly Rich Feature Set
  • E-Commerce Features for Easy Monetization
  • Reduced Development Costs
  • Frequent Updates
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Greater Security compared to the WordPress platform

While many of our clients utilize the framework in their projects, only industry standardized functions are shared between clients. Unique features remain the intellectual property of the respective clients who invented them.

E7 Engine Capabilities

The E7 Engine is an MVC framework for the rapid generation of social web applications.  The framework provides classes for the construction of all basic social functions and interfaces to major social networking platforms.
E7 contains a default browser-based MVC scaffold generator with rapid CRUD templates. In addition, there is an integrated command-line, rake-based MVC scaffold generator. These tools allow rapid generation of database tables and fields with matching Model, Controller and View files.
The E7 engine framework includes multi-app support to facilitate cross-domain integration and expanded app capabilities. The framework can embed additional mini or full-featured VC applications into the existing application that share the Model files and Helper classes, and libraries.

The E7 Systems Social Framework contains the following software modules for the rapid development of socially enabled web and mobile apps.

Basic Objects

Assume these basic objects can be associated with any of the features in the list that follows:

People, businesses, business categories, photos, videos, events, groups, coupons, ads, blogs, comments,reviews, emails, locations, attached documents, products, questions&answers, subscriptions, orders, transactions, roles, pages, menus, static blocks,

Admin Functions

Controlled Access to

  • Manage System Data
  • Product & Accounts Management
  • Content Approval and Abuse Report Processing
  • Business Function Management
  • Delegation & Workflow Accountability
  • Ad Management
  • Content Management
  • Ad Runs
  • Ad Campaign management
  • Ad Inventory Management
  • Analytics for impressions and click-throughs
  • Analytics
  • Page traffic
  • User Interactions
  • Graphic Histories


Integrated and independent

  • API structures
  • API versioning
  • JSON and XML – CRUD response
  • Customized data sets


  • Rich business profile display
  • Customer Comments & Reviews
  • Maps & Directions
  • Coupons

Business Categories

Category based searches and organization
Category based relationship – similar to


  • Content prepared for placement on other sites
  • Calendars for off-site display
  • Latest Posts…
  • Mini-Profiles…
  • Utility badges – weather, reports, event calendars


  • Group Chats
  • Moderator Led Chats
  • Custom Chat Room Creation & Deletion

Content & Document Management

  • Static Documents
  • Page and Content Management
  • Custom WYSIWYG integration- image/video uploads, advanced modules
  • User Content
  • Featured content

Contest Management

  • Contest Definition
  • Monitoring
  • Winner Selection & Delivery

Context Sensitive Help

  • Field Level
  • Page Level

Email management

  • Broadcast E-Marketing  Emails
  • Events Based Emails (registration, ordering etc)
  • Sequential (drip) email campaigns
  • Watch Dog Emails – Warnings and Notices
  • User Managed Email Preferences
  • iContact & other integrations

Events Management

  • Time, place, etc.
  • Calendars
  • What’ happening locally and regionally
  • Interest based event recommendations

Favoriting & Liking

  • Like other users & businesses
  • Like Specific Content
  • Share with Social Networks


  • Activities related to user or friends
  • Recommended Content
  • Site wide Feeds


  • Database table and field generator
  • MVC scaffold generator with CRUD templates
  • Rake based MVC scaffold generator
  • Unit Test generator

Interest based groups
Discussion forums
Events by group
Group focused searches
Group relationship management
Group member communication and management

Google Maps Integration
GeoLocation services
Places integration
Advanced Map Functionality – Enriched popups, routing, custom user integration

Search Results Mapping

Images and Video

  • Albums Sorted & Filtered by any criteria
  • Conversion from many sources to standardized sizes and formats
  • Incorporate content hosted off site, i.e. Youtube

Questions and Answers


Multi language support
Multi time-zone support


Data migration tools and interfaces

Multi-database support and integration


Mobile Platform Optimization

Device recognition

  • Web skin templating
  • Jquery Mobile & Bootstrap Integration

Open Source Libraries




Secure registration and login
Password reset
Edit and management
Keyword and Interest based searches

User feeds – Interactions, connections, activity

Role based menus and features

User dashboard

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube integration

Question And Answers

  • Question Boards
  • Community Answers
  • Discussion/ Interest Groups
  • Best Answer Topic Management & Closing


Community rated reviews
User and business credibility management
Anonymous and hidden review management
Review based searches and structures

Roles Management

  • Admin & Standard Users
  • Controlled Access to Systems Features
  • System Wide or  Granted for Specific Regions or Businesses.


Advanced Search tools
Rapid indexing platform
Auto-Completion and search suggestion tools
Cross-domain search capabilities


Dynamic meta tag generation and management
Cache Management
SEO analytics and tool integration

Shopping Cart

  • Advanced Product Selection & Description & Help Paradigms
  • Session and database based cart tools
  • Authorize.net CIM integration
  • eCheck.net integration
  • Sell, Products, Subscriptions & Advertising
  • Customer tracking
  • Customized Discount Codes
  • Orders & Transaction management
  • Reporting
  • Affiliate Sales Reporting
  • Commissions Reporting
  • Integrated to Workflow Management

Social Web Interfaces

  • Facebook Log-in and Sharing
  • Facebook Pages Integration
  • Facebook Places
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

Integrated Social network – friends, likes, ratings, connections, hotness algorithm, interest matching

Subscription Management

  • Recurring Billing & Transactions
  • Enable Select Access to System Features

User Groups

  • Associations
  • Discussions – Threaded Topics
  • Public / Private or Invitation Only

Ticket and Feedback Integration

  • Ticket management tools
  • Feedback and suggestion management tools
  • Ticker Tracker tools

Video Management

  • Folders
  • Formatting & Conversion
  • HTML5 multi-browser support

Mobile compatibility

Web Optimization Tools

  • Assets Minifier
  • Cache Management
  • HTML Caching