Casino Games and Promotions Development

Casino R&D Specialties

E7 Systems has developed a number of projects for casino services and marketing initiatives.

We are responsible for the development & operations of systems handling billions of dollars in casino transactions annually.  This work has helped us build a team that is expert in:

  • High Volume / High Availability Cloud Computing
  • PCI & Cyber Security
  • Department Of Gaming Standards
  • Kiosk Development
  • Casino Operations and IT requirements

Our team includes experienced IT professionals and former casino management.  We are familiar with Department of Gaming regulations, PCI security and cyber security requirements. 

Casino R&D

E7 Systems has developed social websites, mobile loyalty apps and mobile games for the casino market.

We have the ability to communicate with your back-of-house systems for appropriate player information and analytics.

Our unique perspective and your understanding of your market will combine to create remarkably engaging experiences for your regulars and new arrivals alike.

Our research and development laboratories are creating mobile and virtual reality games for the casino market.  Demonstration videos are available to clients and friends of E7 Systems. Please contact us for a password to view these videos.

Please call for more information.

Craps Table, Online & Mobile

Please get in touch for a demo of Craps Table, our multiplayer craps game. Craps Table is a venue for our web-based craps game. Craps Table captures the vibe of a real casino craps table in a mobile game.

Virtual Reality Games & Promotions

E7 Systems develops room-scale virtual reality experiences for casino promotions and games.  Our VR developers are waiting to create your ideas in virtual reality.  We use the Unity development platform and existing models to speed development. A playable prototype experience can be created in just a few weeks.  Development budgets can be modest for a proof of concept game.

Unique  Player Experience

Technology for the gaming industry is a crowded market. Unique innovations in player experience are hard to come by.  E7 Systems offers a creative new perspective on wooing, winning and keeping customers.


What’s Next in Player’s Clubs is our R&D platform for new innovations in connecting with players.  Ask about our roadmap for

 And don’t forget the responsive mobile social version.

Mobile Table Games

Our realistic table games are popular with serious players.  Many use them as “training tools” on their flights to Vegas.

Virtual Reality Games

Ask for a demo of our room-scale virtual reality games and promotions.