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Lean Business Canvas Introduction

Lean Business Canvas Introduction is the presentation I gave tonight to the Entrepreneurs’ Class at Fort Lewis College.

I love this topic. Lean business canvas modelling just makes sense. Anyone can learn lean business.  This lean presentation is just 10 slides, humorous and fun.

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Pitch Day Presentation Tips

Channeling Energy on Pitch Day

We have all felt the rush of energy we get when we are presenting in front of a crowd. Presenting your startup dreams in front of investors can multiply that energy several fold.

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Low Fidelity Artifacts

Low Fidelity Artifacts

A Low Fidelity Artifact is a fancy word for something that is often no more than a scribbled doodle. A Low Fidelity Artifact is an inexpensive way to capture ideas and develop a shared understanding without generating a cumbersome design document that the team is unwilling to change.

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The Lean Startup Paradox

Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden, in their book on Lean UX, describe how founders often operate in a “reality distortion field”. They recognize that it takes a nearly unrealistic level of confidence to form a new & innovative business venture.

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Ensuring Product Adoption

Ensuring Product Adoption

Product Adoption, often realized as traction, is the ability of a new product to capture the attention, engage and modify the behaviors of a group of users.

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Startup Science

Start-up Science in 1 Hour

Start-up Science introduction in 1 Hour: Steve Blank is the father of modern entrepreneurship.  He and his Student Eric Ries have made a science of the processes involved in engineering new start-ups.  Here he explains his journey and the work his Stanford MBA students do in his entrepreneurship class.

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Startup Success Literature

Start-up Success Literature

Start-up Success Literature.

There are many great books out there to guide start-up entrepreneurs.  No one should invest their savings and years of their lives in a start-up without doing their homework and reading the best of these books.  My Favorite author in this area is Eric Reis, because he can quote real world case studies of his own successes and failures.

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Opportunities Like Zebras

10 Steps to a Successful Start-Up

How to succeed in a Startup? Certainly there are more than ten steps to building a successful start-up. There is an extensive body of literature on the subject, and some of our favorite books and articles are listed in the next post on Start-up Success Literature.

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Mobile Audio Streaming App

Cost $$$$

Calendar Time: 3 Months – 3 years.

Technologies:  Android Java, iOS Objective C. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, DotNet C++, Barix InStreamer, specialty WiFi hardware


  • Native audio streaming app (iOS, Android)
  • Private Ad Network.
  • E7 Systems Social Networking Suite.
  • Web Business Directory for Venues.  
  • Advertiser’s Portal for purchasing and analytics.  
  • Integrated digital signage network.
  • Producing Trade Show Experiences.  
  • Video, graphic and animated content for signage network and general marketing.


MVP delivered and deployed in 3 months. Multiple patents awarded. Capital raised. Deployed production system to bars and health clubs nationwide.



Bring them your ideas and dreams, and if any team can help you realize them, it is E-7 Systems.

Cordell Brown - CEO Airborne Media Group


Created Web portal and business directory to bring all venues together and provide access for content management and network configuration.  Mapping features showed closest venues to any point.


Illustration of Social Chat on the digital signage network


Example of custom skin created for a customer venue.



3D Animation created for digital signage network. (@ Web resolution)


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Silverton Community News

On-Line Community Newspaper

Business Goal: Enable small town paper to capture audience, deliver issues and receive payments on-line. Cost $ Calendar Time: 2 months Deliverables : Operational web site, ad management system, on-line payments via PayPal, PDF issues archive, photo galleries, services and business directory. Outcome: On-line Newspaper portal up and running on E7 system for 10 years.

Silverton Standard loves E7 Systems.

They have provided awesome website hosting and development for our little nonprofit newspaper way up here in the mountains.

Mark Esper Editor - Silverton Standard


Local news on-line for Silverton, Colorado.

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